EuroSys & Graydon, a success story


Daily credit updates make the difference for EuroSys.

Graydon at work

Claudio Bertozzi, an accountant at EuroSys for five years, has been working with Graydon since August 2017 using credit checks. The benefits according to him? “Being on the ball and the daily updates.”

From a garage to a sustainable business

Claudio works as an accountant in a team of five, led by CFO Sonja Palmans. “For EuroSys, I take care of, among other things, the VAT returns, the daily accounting and the monthly and annual closings.”

“Mark Lens founded EuroSys in 1990. He was still selling computers from his garage at the time. We are now a company with 70 employees and we provide IT solutions for companies, governments and schools. We provide hardware, software and the necessary support. If necessary, we even have IT buddies who will help customers in-house.”

“For several years now, we have been focusing more and more on sustainability. We have our own solar panels, our fleet will consist entirely of electric Teslas within two years and our customers can even come and charge at our public charging stations. In addition, we adjusted our purchasing policy and now also require our suppliers to work sustainably.”

Efficient credit checks for major customers

“Our customer base consists exclusively of companies with more than five employees. Since the division of the company, we have referred smaller customers to our sister company Auva. So we focus on bigger players, who need bigger servers.”

“Our sales department is recruiting the new customers. As soon as this happens, we come to Graydon  to take a look. Either we check from the accounts whether the new customer is creditworthy, or sales do it themselves. After all, all sales employees have access to Graydon Insights. Simply enter the customer's company number and the tool classifies the data according to our own parameters. Based on a colour code with green-orange-red, we immediately see which payment terms are possible for that new customer.”

“With our previous tool, only the CFO could view credit information. Now multiple people have access, which increases speed and efficiency.”

“We used to have to check this manually and we could only do that in the accounts. Thanks to the extra logins for our sales people, they can immediately have the conditions approved by the customer. It couldn't be more efficient.”

Reliable information, every day

“In 2017 we compared different tools, but Graydon had the most options and the best formula. In addition, they are a known and reliable source of financial information.”

“Before we discovered Graydon Insights, it was our responsibility to regularly update our customer records. But when you know that we have more than 1,000 customers, you also understand that this was a daring job. Now we receive daily updates from Graydon and we take the time every two to three days to adjust our customer records based on that information. For example, we immediately see whether a customer uses the Continuity of Enterprises Act, so that we can switch quickly and enter prepayments.”

Two-way street

“The evidence is there. In the past year we have not had to write off a single bankruptcy and that is very exceptional. Thanks to these daily updates, our external debtor management can respond very quickly and that is bearing fruit.”

“We have not had to write off a single bankruptcy in the past year.”

“Moreover, Graydon provides an excellent service and our questions are answered quickly. And they listen to us. Last year, for example, we had a fraudulent customer. We informed Graydon and they immediately invited our CFO to work on a tool that should avoid such scenarios in the future.”

EuroSys in brief

FOUNDED IN 1990 by Mark Lens.

OVER 70 EMPLOYEES take care of the IT needs of companies, schools and government institutions with the ultimate goal of creating happy, safe (digital) workplaces.

FOCUS ON SUSTAINABILITY with electric vehicle fleet, requirements for suppliers and recycling of laptops.

BENEFITS: Total IT services, from hardware to software and support. Certified to ISO27001 standard.


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