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Graydon believes that transparency boosts trust between businesses. When companies have a clear picture of the opportunities and risks they face, co-operation thrives, deals are struck and ideas become reality. 

Graydon aims to create a level playing field where organisations prosper and economies thrive. 

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Reliable business information

From an early start, Graydon realised the importance of business intelligence. By providing the right information, companies can take better business decisions and become more competitive. In an ever-changing technological environment, it is our ambition to differentiate ourselves through innovation and to deliver accurate business information.  

Valuable insights

Data is everywhere around us. For it to become valuable information, it first needs to be cleansed, validated and enriched from a number of sources. But it doesn’t stop there. By interpreting that information, we generate valuable economic, financial and commercial insights for our customers that help companies to make better business decisions. At Graydon we go beyond being an information provider to being your value added business partner. 

Strengthen your competitive position

The effectiveness of business decisions can largely be influenced by the right sort of business information. We strive to help businesses with their day-to-day decisions. Whether you need financial or commercial information, Graydon’s business information can help you reduce risks, ensure compliance and protect your reputation. Moreover, it will enable you to identify and foresee trends and market opportunities, which allows you to become more competitive. 

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The processing of entrepreneurial data

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