Customer Acceptance

Accepting customers in a smooth and safe manner.

Do you accept new customers without restrictions, under certain conditions or not at all? That's what the acceptance or onboarding of customers is all about. The process your customer follows is of great importance with a view to successful collaboration. Whether it's credit assessments, customer due diligence checks or fraud risk identification, these are all activities that are equally important when it comes to onboarding customers and prospects.

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Do you blindly trust every new customer?

Protect your business from rogue entrepreneurs

Assess customers for financial reliability and immediately screen for fraudulent behavior. It can be done quickly and automatically. Contact our specialists to explain the procedures and the use of scorecards.

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Customer Acceptance

Graydon Onboarding

The onboarding process starts with the assessment of new prospects. Is the subject creditworthy, so that it can and will pay on time? How likely is it that you are dealing with a fraudulent party? And what about the compliance of this new customer?

Graydon Onboarding allows you to combine these three checks in one tool. You set up the various processes, known as journeys, yourself via a user-friendly platform. The entire onboarding process is then automated. You no longer have to worry about integrating or logging into several different IT systems. The time-consuming manual check of new prospects is significantly reduced. This results in fast and seamless onboarding, whilst improving customer satisfaction.

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What does this mean to you?

  • Design your entire onboarding process through a user-friendly platform. You can create, view or change procedures and scorecards at any time.
  • Define the scenarios in which you want to refer cases for another manual final check.
  • Serve your customers with a speed and efficiency that was previously impossible. Speed also leads to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Combine credit, risk and fraud modules as desired. If necessary, you can add data from any external suppliers to better assess fraud and risks.
  • Integrate onboarding processes across multiple teams, locations, and data sources to implement a unified approach across your business.
Success Stories
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  • Satic-Minera

    “Thanks to the Graydon Decision Model, all our employees can quickly perform a credit check.”
    Christian Pharasyn
    Credit controller, Satic-Minera
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    Satic-Minera success story Decision Model
  • Douma Staal

    “By putting our most important customers in the monitoring list, we can keep track of changes.”
    Marco Ringnalda
    Finance and P&O, Douma Staal
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    Douma Staal - Success Story