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Grow your business with the help of comprehensive international company information.

Many companies do business across borders. It can present challenges and risks, but don't let that be a reason to miss an opportunity to grow. Those who ensure they are well informed by asking the right questions, plus some common sense, can seize the opportunities that present themselves.

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Trading with foreign customers involves more risks. Make sure that you are well informed in advance about the (financial) reputation of the other party. Graydon has a team of specialists in international data analysis to provide you with detailed information.

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International Business

Looking for business opportunities in other countries or exporting? That is the question for many SMEs today. The answer is not straightforward for every company.

You know the working practices in your own country, you know your customers, you avoid complicated export administration, and so on. And yet: are you getting the most out of your company if you only stay within your comfort zone? Doing business with companies in other countries has never been without risks.

Distance can create uncertainty. Differences in language, culture and legislation can add to this. But be it national or international, if you make sure you are well-informed, you can carefully weigh the opportunities against the challenges in order to make the right choices. You need to know whether your partners, existing or new, are (financially) reliable and what is going on in their local market.

Then choose a partner who can support you with expertise. Who has the experience as well as the tools to help you to make a success of your international plans.

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  • Vekoma

    "The payment risk is the most important factor for us."
    Peter van Bilsen
    Division Manager Sales and Marketing, Vekoma Rides Manufacturing
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  • PTS Ireland - Plumbing Trade Supplies

    “Graydon were able to deliver international credit reports to serve the Irish market.”
    Deborah Hegan
    Credit Control Team Leader, PTS Ireland
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