Data Integration APIs

The most recent company data in your trusted systems at any time.

Want to integrate up-to-date company data and tried and tested scores into any application you work with on a daily basis? Then use APIs to quickly create a direct link with the unique Graydon database for a hassle-free way to add value to your trusted, internal systems.

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With our APIs you can integrate Graydon's business information into your trusted software systems. This way, everyone in your company always has the most recent data and insights. Interested in one or more of our APIs?

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Data Integration APIs

Company Profile API

Integrate up-to-date company information directly into your trusted, internal systems to prevent errors and duplicate records in your CRM system. Correct data ensures seamless collaboration between different departments within your company and is an indispensable source of information for sales and marketing.

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Scores API

Optimise your financial administration with our unique predictive scores, so you can take well-founded credit decisions without delay. Moreover, the different scores will let you segment clients and prospects based on risks and opportunities, so that you can subsequently work out a different approach for each segment.

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Decision Model API

Translate your acceptance policy into a uniform and automated process, based on fixed parameters and your risk appetite. That way, users will be unable to take subjective or incorrect decisions. All employees will be working by the same rules and can respond quickly regardless of their individual backgrounds.

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Search API

This API allows you to search for a company quickly and conveniently using the method that is easiest for you. You’ll immediately be shown some general data, such as name, address, and registration number for the company. As soon as you’ve identified an organisation, that identification can be used to activate other APIs.

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Monitoring API

You can compare monitoring to a security system, both in the positive and the negative sense. It registers every movement and keeps a permanent eye on your business relations. If anything changes in the company you’re monitoring, you’ll be notified immediately. That way, you can detect both risks and opportunities at an early stage, and take the appropriate action.

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Risk & compliance API

Avoid the risk of reputation damage when screening the individuals behind a company in the standard way. Automatically record every step you take to create an audit trail for quick and efficient compliance with applicable legislation. This API offers you all information to achieve the desired risk reduction.

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XSeptions API

This API offers you a complete overview of the network of directors and companies that are connected to your business relation. In addition, it screens all connections for several key facts that often reflect risks and possible fraudulent activity but may also identify opportunities within a web of companies.

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Salesforce API

The API complies with all Lightning design requirements for Salesforce and the corresponding security. It is, by the way, one of the first apps in the industry that is entirely built on Lightning Web Components. So, all data can be properly configured, allowing you to easily configure workflows, alerts, and triggers.

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Microsoft Dynamics API

This API integrates seamlessly into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment. With this link you have easy access to all company information and financial data of your (potential) customers.

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  • Gulf Gas and Power

    "With the help of Graydon's GDM API, we can better and faster assess whether an application is accepted from our insurer."
    Michel Koornstra
    Managing Director van Gulf Gas and Power
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