Risk & Compliance

Comply with strict laws and regulations. Prevent fines and reputation damage by thoroughly and uniformly screening your customers and prospects.

Make sure you know exactly who you are doing business with, gain insight into the risk profile of your business relations and automatically save all your steps for your audit trail. This way you are compliant with all the requirements of the regulatory authorities.

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Complex matter

Knowing who is really doing business with you is becoming increasingly important. Not only because it is required by law in various sectors, but also to avoid fraud and reputation damage. Interested in the possibilities?

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Risk & Compliance

Many sectors have obligations under the European Anti-Money Laundering Directives (AMLD). They must be compliant, which means that they must act in accordance with the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. Moreover, the outside world expects companies to act with integrity and to adhere to standards and values. But the European directives, transposed into local legislation, have been amended several times in recent years. They have become more and more strict, more extensive and also more complex.

Complex legislation

The practical interpretation of compliance varies from sector to sector and can even differ for each organisation. The theme is particularly topical in the financial sector, where institutions have to adapt at a rapid pace to complex and demanding rules. Even local SMEs are not spared obligations. It is mainly the complexity of the legislation that forces companies to call in external expertise. Because they don't have the knowledge and experience in-house. And because it is also becoming increasingly impossible to meet all the obligations manually.

How can Graydon support you?

Graydon offers automated solutions in this area. To trace UBOs, to perform compliance checks and to draw up a fully automated acceptance policy. Completely in line with the applicable laws and regulations.

The legal obligations create challenges and put extra pressure on companies. But the different regulations also have an advantage. After all, your company is better protected against fraudulent organisations, which can undermine your financial stability and your reputation. Duplicitous companies try in all kinds of ways to take advantage of companies that want to contribute with the best of intentions to a fair economy and a thriving society. It's precisely this form of fraud that is most prevalent today.

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