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Do you want to manage your (financial) risks and find out how Graydon's Credit Management solutions can help you with this? You have the opportunity to try our solutions for 2 months without obligation and free of charge on our Graydon Insights portal.

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What can you expect from a trial subscription?

  • Two months of free, non-binding access to the Credit Management solutions on the online platform Graydon Insights.
  • An analysis of your needs and advice tailored to your company.
  • An explanation of the most important scores and their value for your company: the credit advice, the payment behaviour, the Graydon rating, expected growth forecast, the likelihood of closure, ...
  • A clarification of our working method, guidance and service.

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The Importance of Credit Management

When you do business, you want to make sure your customers are paying their bills. Unfortunately, every business faces non-payment. This has a direct impact on your cash flow and your operating result.

With our Credit Management solutions you can quickly check the financial status of your business relations, the level of creditworthiness, and the probability of non-payment. You also have the option to use monitoring. This solution ensures that you are informed when the creditworthiness of one of your debtors changes. This way you limit risks and prevent unwanted debts.

Why choose Graydon?


We geloven dat transparantie het vertrouwen tussen zakenpartners versterkt. Als ondernemingen een goed beeld hebben van de opportuniteiten die er zijn en de risico’s die ze lopen, ontstaat samenwerking, worden deals gesloten en groeien ideeën uit tot realiteit.

"Graydon Insights is a much more modern, colourful and user-friendly system, which we are happy to use."
Vanessa Wouters
Finance Manager - Synergie

We believe that transparency strengthens trust between business partners. When companies have a good idea of ​​the opportunities that exist and the risks they run, collaboration arises, deals are closed and ideas become reality.

You will gain insight into financial opportunities and risks, as well as unique insights into the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. This allows you to form an accurate policy without causing unnecessary economic damage. Especially nowadays it is crucial to map out potential risks and to monitor them permanently.

  • Graydon has been providing relevant business information for more than 130 years to make informed financial and commercial decisions.
  • Every year we process more than 7.5 million payment experiences from 4 million debtors across all sectors. This makes our scores and insights unique.
  • Internationally, we rely on a network of 130 international databases in more than 160 countries and information on more than 90 million companies.
  • We enjoy the confidence and we work together with governments, academia and various organisations such as NBBU, NVM, LexisNexis, BOVAG, Microsoft and so on.

Learn how to use credit reports to check creditworthiness

Is it wise to lend a certain company money or give a certain customer credit? Under what conditions? And which customers or customer groups offer more commercial potential and are therefore extra interesting for sales? A credit report will help you answer these questions.

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