All the information you need to correctly estimate the risk of non-payment and identify growth opportunities.

In a credit report, you’ll always find all the available company data, scores, and insights. This way you quickly obtain a comprehensive and nuanced view of the financial situation of your customer or supplier in order to take the right decisions. Both in terms of risk and growth potential.

Make informed decisions

Rely on a company report

A company report contains all the information you need, providing the full picture of a company or an association. It's up to you to make an informed decision. Take a look at…

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Graydon Credit Reports

If you want to grow your business, you must constantly weigh risks and opportunities. It is important that you are well informed so that you can quickly make the best business decisions in the interest of your company.

A credit report contains a lot of data and financial analyses of a company. All this information together (summary, company profile, scores, financials, payment behaviour, company structure, exceptional events) gives you an overall picture of a company, an association or a self-employed person.

Business information is extremely suitable for correctly assessing the financial situation and the growth potential of a business relationship. It is therefore much broader than a simple credit check.

    More information

    Graydon Insights

    Companies that want to work efficiently and strategically work on their future rely on business information, analysis and insights. With Graydon Insights you will find everything you need in one online platform.

    The basis for Graydon Insights was already laid in 2016. It now contains - in addition to Graydon Credit Reports - solutions such as Graydon Decision Model, Management Dashboard, International Business, Graydon Market Data, UBO & Compliance checks, List Management and Data Enrichment. Solutions that are continuously refined in collaboration with our customers to exceed expectations.

    Success Stories
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    • Conscia

      “Graydon provides clear reports that you can use immediately. "
      Niels Van Zijp
      Financial Administrator, Conscia
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      Conscia & Graydon
    • Germains Seed Technology

      “With Graydon’s services, we now serve our customers with a speed and efficiency that was previously impossible."
      Martijn ten Velde
      Assistent Accountant, Germains Seed Technology
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      Germains Seed Technology & Graydon, a success story
    • Ennatuurlijk

      "The reports provide us with vital information and time, because we don't have to collect or analyse anything ourselves."
      Agga Frenken
      Senior Debt Collection, Ennatuurlijk
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      Ennatuurlijk en Graydon, een succesverhaal
    • Douma Staal

      “By putting our most important customers in the monitoring list, we can keep track of changes.”
      Marco Ringnalda
      Finance and P&O, Douma Staal
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      Douma Staal - Success Story
    • Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

      “Any potential losses far outweigh the costs of Graydon services.”
      Roy Busschers
      Strategic Business Development Manager, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance
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      CA Consumer Finance & Graydon, a success story
    • NL-Fund

      “The big advantage of Graydon? A fast and user-friendly rating system and an account manager who dares to think along.”
      Frederik Wegener Sleeswijk
      Algemeen Directeur, NL-Fund
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      NL-Fund & Graydon, a success story
    • Saxion Hogeschool

      "Dankzij de oplossingen van Graydon kunnen wij op tijd maatregelen treffen en proactief inspelen op veranderingen."
      Jaques Heeren
      Senior Inkoper, Saxion
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    • Input Adviesgroep

      “To be honest, I don't know if there is a real alternative to Graydon today.”
      Caroline Romijn-Put
      Account Manager, Input Adviesgroep
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      Input Adviesgroep & Graydon, a success story
    • YesQar

      “What is really nice are the proactive notifications I get when something changes at our customers.”
      Guido Kersten
      Risk Manager, YesQar
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      YesQar & Graydon, een succesverhaal
    • Woningbouwcorporatie Mitros

      "Je kunt faillissementen niet vermijden, maar je kunt ze wel aan zien komen. Daarom monitoren we onze belangrijkste leveranciers."
      Ron Sierink
      Adviseur inkoop bij Mitros
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    • Adecco

      “We handle an average of 1,000 customers per person in the credit department. Automating part of it is therefore a must.”
      Jocelyne Vandecauter
      Credit Manager, Adecco
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      Adecco & Graydon, a testimony to a success story
    • Immobel

      “We didn't have to look long for a reliable partner.”
      Thomas Pouppez
      Legal Counsel employee, Immobel Group
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      Graydon & Immobel Group, a success story
    • EuroSys

      “We have not had to write off a single bankruptcy in the past year.”
      Claudio Bertozzi
      Accountant, EuroSys
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      EuroSys & Graydon, a success story
    • Bietlot Printing House

      "Graydon was the benchmark and we still think it is."
      Eric Guillaume
      Managing Director, Bietlot
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      Drukkerij Bietlot en Graydon, een succesverhaal
    • PTS Ireland - Plumbing Trade Supplies

      “Graydon were able to deliver international credit reports to serve the Irish market.”
      Deborah Hegan
      Credit Control Team Leader, PTS Ireland
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      PTS Ireland & Graydon, a success story
    • River Mounts

      “The information I get from Graydon is up to date, easy to understand and immediate.”
      Tracey Cooper
      Credit Manager, River Mounts
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      River Mounts & Graydon, een succesverhaal