Graydon & P-services, a success story


“Graydon's expertise is indispensable for the temporary employment sector”

Graydon at work

More than two years ago, the P-services team, a specialist in personnel management, started looking for a partner who could offer a reliable creditworthiness test. Vincent Vonk, Manager Finance & Control at P-services, found an ideal player in Graydon. He entered into a collaboration that would prove more than successful.


P-services is a temporary employment agency that provides various services. For example, it arranges the recruitment and selection of the right personnel for hundreds of customers, both intermediaries and direct customers. This provides an extensive database with financial and administrative data. After a few years, Vincent Vonk and his colleagues felt the need for an efficient system to keep track of the vast (financial) data and then to convert it into clear insights.

“In our sector, pre-financing is an important aspect. We therefore looked for a company that could provide reliable and clear creditworthiness tests for our customers,” Vincent explains. “We soon arrived at Graydon. A major player, but also a company that we immediately had a good feeling about.”

Strong Brainstorming

Graydon gladly accepted this assignment and takes care of, among other things, payment assessments and the qualification of potential customers for P-services.

“Thanks to this burden reduction, we have had more peace of mind in our business operations for over two years now,” says Vincent. “And what's more, we've noticed a tremendous upward spiral in our collaboration with Graydon. The bond with our account manager, Stefanie, has grown steadily. Among other things, she provided brainstorming moments in which the Graydon team really thought along with us. In addition, she involved the right partners in the collaboration process, so that any problems were solved flawlessly.”

Professional Knowledge

Graydon provided a link that added an enormous amount of added value to the subscription of P-services, without extra costs.

“We are very pleased that such solutions are possible,” says Vincent. “And on the technical side too, Graydon's employees have a perfect grasp of the trade. As a result, we are assured of well-functioning systems that keep our bookkeeping in tip-top order.”

Use of external data by Graydon

Almost everything nowadays can be described in terms of data. Graydon uses external data to provide temporary employment customers with insight into supply and demand on the corporate market.

Data also offers the possibility to make risk calculations. Ideal for those who are about to take on a client, enter into a partnership, or want to pursue a particular trend with their business.

Because Graydon collects as much data as possible about individual companies, there is an increasingly broader insight into the sectors to which those companies belong. All those leads form today's labour market data. A great source of information, from which temporary employment agencies such as P-services can benefit.


Because P-services has now integrated all Graydon data into its system, a door has been opened towards the further digital optimisation of business operations and accounting.

“Thanks to the use of external data, we are now able to understand the market even better. Graydon's expertise is therefore of great value to the temporary employment sector. We can heartily recommend Graydon's services to everyone in our sector”, concludes Vincent.

P-services in brief



SPECIALISED IN temporary employment, payroll, personnel and salary administration, absenteeism support and HR advice

OFFER back office services to intermediaries


Are you, like P-services, interested in expanding your knowledge? Would you like to use action-oriented insights based on relevant data? Graydon is happy to help you with the right applications. Contact us today and discover the many benefits!

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