Graydon & Immobel Group, a success story


Always use a subcontractor with confidence: “This is a real solution for us”

Graydon at work

No company wants to enter a partnership with a partner who is not in a strong financial position. However, that often happens. Thomas Pouppez, Legal Counsel employee at Immobel Group, also experienced this. How can you avoid that? By having all your subcontractors checked for a healthy financial management from now on. Thomas found a reliable source for this in Graydon.

As a listed real estate developer, Immobel previously only engaged large companies in order to avoid the risk of financial losses.

“We are an internationally renowned construction partner and we do everything we can to avoid project stagnation and financial problems after the bankruptcy of a subcontractor,” says Thomas Pouppez. “The financial risk is limited only with large companies, which means that small companies are often excluded from subcontracting. It’s a shame, actually. But we have also experienced the sudden failure of a subcontractor. Not only did we have to pay for the costs, but we also had to look for another company in no time.”

All the more reason to call in an expert who could henceforth provide Immobel with company reports and credit checks.

A user-friendly system

And the legal team found it in Graydon. Thomas himself already knew the name from his legal career at the Bar.

“Graydon is recognised as the expert in credit information, risk and compliance. So we didn't have to look long for a reliable partner.”

Immobel has only been using Graydon's services since April 2022, but Thomas is already very satisfied.

“Not only our legal department uses the platform, but also Finance and other teams. We've got access to a very user-friendly system that doesn't require a lot of training. After filling in all  the parameters and requests, the platform gives you a comprehensive report of what you want to know about the financial position of a potential partner.”

Graydon & Immobel Group, a success story

A source of information

Today, Graydon's database is already a great source of information, which developers such as Immobel can fall back on. Various users of the company can log in via the online platform to consult the required information.

“It is very pleasant for the many Immobel employees who use this,” confirms Thomas Pouppez. “You don't need guidance to deal with the platform, you can get on with it in no time. As a result, we, as a customer, do not experience any barriers to request all the insights we need. The data is there, wherever and whenever we want.”

Analyse all cases

Thomas therefore wholeheartedly recommends the system to companies that are looking for similar security.

“Before we start a process with someone, we know for sure who we are dealing with. And that without much effort and without having to ask annoying questions. An extremely important factor for our functioning and reputation as a property developer. We have already seen a number of credit reports, but we want to have all cases analysed by Graydon in the future. For the smaller subcontractors, but also the larger ones. And perhaps also internationally for our branches in the rest of Europe. Certainly in our sector, a good start is the job half done. We are pleased that we can now count on Graydon for such a good start.”

Immobel in short


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Do you want to safeguard the continuity and financial security of your company, just like Immobel, by carrying out credit reports and other data checks? Graydon is happy to help you with the right applications. Contact us today and discover the many benefits!

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