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Decision model makes the difference for Satic-Minera.

As a supplier of granulates, Satic-Minera operates in specific circumstances. Both the credit controllers were colleagues in the local depots who conduct the acceptance policy of new customers. Dive with Christian Pharasyn, credit controller at Satic-Minera, into the world of raw building materials, diverse customer profiles and rapid prospect screening.

Graydon at work

The customer base of a market leader in construction raw materials

“Satic-Minera is the market leader in various segments, partly thanks to our customer offer,” says Christian Pharasyn, credit controller at Satic-Minera. “With our extensive range of sand, gravel, crushed stone and coloured aggregates and our four collection depots, we guarantee fast delivery and flexible logistics. Our credit checks must be part of our operations so that we can switch quickly.”

Satic-Minera supplies concrete and asphalt plants, factories, road construction contractors, wholesalers in building materials, screed companies, and so on. "Our customer base is no less diverse than our offer."

“Thanks to the Graydon Decision Model, all our employees can quickly perform a credit check.”

Credit checks in daily operation

Satic-Minera has several depots where customers often knock on the door early in the morning, when the offices are still closed. "Our employees must then be able to perform a credit check themselves with the customer's VAT number."

“The Graydon decision model is a great help in this. Our local merchants quickly see whether they can give a customer an order, request cash payment or refuse it without any problems. They can therefore switch quickly and independently. Thanks to the decision model, they don't need anyone else to carry out that check.”

Before using this tool, it was sometimes difficult for employees to avoid long queues. “Now they know immediately whether they can accept someone or not and under what conditions. Afterwards I do a double-check for future collaborations. But the information they need at 6 am? It is immediately available."

"Very useful for my (sales) colleagues without a financial background, who can quickly assess whether we can do business with a specific customer."

The advantage of the decision model for Satic-Minera

“Our customer base ranges from large companies and regular customers, to small contractors and self-employed people who make one-off purchases. Because new customers are regularly at the counter, we have to be able to decide quickly. Without the decision model, a new customer would in principle have to pay in cash on the spot for the first time. But that slows down the process and we lose customers. And who knows? That new customer might be a major customer that we miss out on that way. Thanks to the Graydon Decision Model, we no longer have to worry about that.”

Satic-Minera Decsion Model

Christian relies on Graydon's decision model to make an initial assessment of the customer's reliability and sometimes limits himself to the annual accounts for smaller customers. "For larger customers, I request extensive reports or limits afterwards to really get the full picture."

“Other programs don't work with such an easy overview. There I first have to request and analyse reports. This is not necessary with the decision model. This saves us a lot of time, especially onsite in the depots. It is a handy tool with which we can easily protect ourselves and limit risk, because we have set the model based on our own parameters.”

“At Satic-Minera, we don't trade without prior knowledge. Some companies will accept a customer much faster and that will usually go well, but in the long run there is always misery around the corner. We have few or no bankruptcies, hardly any write-offs and satisfied shareholders.”

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