Input Adviesgroep & Graydon, a success story

Input Adviesgroep

“To be honest, I don't know if there is a real alternative to Graydon today”

Graydon at work

Input Adviesgroep is an independent advisor within the world of credit insurance. The company has been active in the market for more than 20 years and has a small team of experienced consultants. These specialists inform customers about all aspects of credit insurance, such as coverage, limits and self-assessment, but also about  optimising credit management policy and credit information. The company offers Graydon's solutions, but also uses them for internal processes. Account manager Caroline Romijn-Put is extremely familiar with Graydon and very satisfied with it.

“Companies that want to take out credit insurance are given the opportunity to conduct a self-assessment with us,” says Caroline. “With this self-assessment, the insured party can determine their cover in a certain way. This is possible, for example, when the customer has built up payment experiences with their customer or by submitting a positive credit information report. For example, customers may use a Graydon report for this.”

Company information for the best advice

Input Adviesgroep has been a customer of Graydon for several years, although it also calls on other information suppliers. But there are good reasons for that.

“It is not an obligation, but we work with different information providers. It is interesting to know who provides the highest coverage. That is positive for the self-assessment limit. For example, if we notice that Graydon assigns higher limits compared to other parties, we will certainly let the customer know. After all, it is to their advantage and therefore we can advise our customers in the best way.”

“We work with several information suppliers because then we can advise our customers in the best way.”

“It is also nice to be able to compare different suppliers, so that we can see the differences. Our customers also often use business reports from different information providers. Sometimes that is Graydon, but that can also be another provider. We therefore think it is important to know what Graydon's reports and those of other parties look like and how they work. That way we can have a good discussion and also give better advice. And if a customer works with another provider and they give low marks, we can easily jump in and let them know if another provider gives better marks."

Input Adviesgroep & Graydon, a success story - team

Unique Graydon UBO check for internal processes

Input Adviesgroep mainly uses Graydon's unique UBO solution for its internal processes.

“In addition to traditional company information, we often search the Graydon database for the UBOs of an organisation. It is very important for us to know with whom we are sitting at the table and also who will sign the final policy. That must be the UBO in any case. It would be a shame if we negotiate with a person if it turns out afterwards that he or she does not have the authority to sign. So we use Graydon's UBO check for that.”

“We use Graydon's UBO solution to avoid negotiating with someone who does not have the authority to sign.”

“When we go out to new customers, we naturally also use the reports to find out, for example, how big a company is, how much turnover it is running, what the creditworthiness is, etc. In this way we can more or less make an estimate whether credit insurance might be interesting.”

“Where Graydon makes the difference? In terms of content, Graydon makes the difference because the limits are often higher. In addition, we believe that the people who work at Graydon are in any case friendlier than at some other information providers. They can be quite aggressive in the game. That is also a big difference”, Caroline laughs. “And of course the UBO checks. The UBO reports are very well-arranged and that just works nicely. Sometimes too nice because I often find myself using it as a standard database. But it is a unique solution that has helped us very well.”

“Should Graydon drop out tomorrow, we will probably have to look for another suitable party. But to be honest, I don't know if there really is one in the Netherlands today.”

Financial Training

Finally, Input Adviesgroep’s sister company Input Support uses Graydon's company reports during financial training, such as understanding a balance sheet.

“During such a training, we open a report from Graydon's database and then we go through such a balance live with the student. Much more interesting, because it is real material from a real company and not some old example from an old book.”

Input Adviesgroep in brief

Input Adviesgroep is a FAMILY BUSINESS with over 20 years of experience.

It provides INDEPENDENT ADVICE in the world of credit insurance.

It has a small team of EXPERIENCED ADVISORS in credit insurance.

TRAINING balance reading, credit management, debtor management, credit acceptance and collection by telephone.


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