CA Consumer Finance & Graydon, a success story

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

Credit checks speed up lending.

Graydon at work

Roy Busschers, Strategic Business Development Manager at Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, talks about the importance of quick decisions in the world of consumer credit. And about the role of credit checks within the entire process.

Loans for the automotive sector

As a strategic business development manager, Roy Busschers investigates whether potential collaborations with partners are justified. If collaborations are missing, he sets them up. These collaborations concern loans for private and business customers. After all, the Dutch division of the French Crédit Agricole specialises in providing consumer loans.

“Our customers use the funds for the leasing or purchase of new cars, for investments in their business or for personal purchases. Our portfolio is located in the automotive sector, among others, but is not limited to that.”

The extensive customer base of a lender

“Our customer base is quite varied: from car companies to other product suppliers, and more. When they apply for financing for a customer, we must be able to quickly decide whether we can and want to provide that credit. As a financier, we have to go after the data. At that time, we rely on Graydon to see whether the customer can pay the lease or loan.”

Speed is the key

“Our customers contact us for credit to their customers. The speed with which we can provide feedback on whether or not financing is possible is therefore essential. For their operation, but also for the durability of our customer relationships.”

“Since we started working with Graydon, the response time has improved significantly. We receive credit reports in no time and immediately get a picture of the composition of a company. This allows us to quickly estimate the risk of providing credit for a business customer.”

“Thanks to improved efficiency, we can process more credit applications.”

“In the past, processing an application took about 15 minutes. Now we do that in 2 to 3 minutes. Thanks to this improved efficiency, we can therefore process more credit applications.”

Lack of monitoring has serious consequences

“Credit checks are not only important at the start of a collaboration. Unfortunately, we found that out in a painful way.”

“Before working with Graydon, one of our customers went bankrupt and started a new company under the same name. We didn't know that, so we couldn't adjust our contracts and lost a lot of money. After all, the vehicles the credit was for, were simply gone. Our competitors were aware and were spared that loss.”

“That experience taught us the importance of monitoring. Thanks to Graydon's monitoring function, we are now regularly and timely informed about changes at our customers.”

“Any potential losses far outweigh the costs of Graydon services.”

Graydon trumps all competition

“Thanks to Graydon, we can decide more quickly, we have a better view of changes at our customers, we comply with the relevant legislation and we create more time and space internally for other things. We no longer have to deal with this ourselves and are informed automatically.”

“During our search for a credit check partner, we invited several parties. Graydon turned out to be the only one who managed to identify the ultimate beneficial owner or UBO from identical source files. Their procedures are simply better, smarter and more convenient than those of their competitors. We knew immediately that we could count on Graydon to find reliable information.”

CA Consumer Finance at a glance

DUTCH DEPARTMENT of a French company.

MARKET LEADER in consumer credit for automotive and others.

CONSCIOUS LENDING as a basic principle.

BENEFITS: ensures fast feedback and financing, puts people first in the processes and offers digital convenience.


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