Adecco & Graydon, a testimony to a success story


The commercial added value of financial information: Graydon, according to Adecco.

Graydon at work

Jocelyne Vandecauter, Credit Manager at Adecco Belgium since 2004, talks about the internal workings of a successful HR service provider. Good credit checks not only offer financial added value, but a commercial benefit too.

The extensive customer base of an HR service provider

Jocelyne has worked in Adecco's credit & collection (accounts receivable) service since 1999. She is currently the Credit Manager of a six-person team of senior experts.

“My team has 2 major responsibilities: performing credit checks on companies and following up the outstanding invoices afterwards until payment is made. With approximately 5,000 active customers in all possible sectors, from retail and logistics to catering and transport, that is quite a job. A job that is much easier thanks to the services of Graydon.”

“Working capital is of vital importance to us. In principle, we finance the wages of our temporary workers every week, until the client pays the invoices.”

The importance of credit checks in day-to-day operations

“We want to avoid our offices losing time by chasing customers with whom we ultimately do not want or are unable to do business. Every sales person at Adecco has a login to request a Graydon report before following up on a prospect. Before someone sends out a quotation, they must add a Graydon report.”

“Together with sales, we make the assessment based on the information from the Graydon report and the possible cooperation volumes. The reports  contain a goldmine of information that our sales people can use during the negotiation phase. We get to see the budgets for agency work, next to the credit limits, and so on. Based on that, we can offer very detailed and watertight quotations.”

“We handle an average of 1,000 customers per person in the credit department. Automating part of it is therefore a must.”

“Every customer is unique. For example, recently a Dutch company with a new Belgian representation had to work with a guarantee. They did not agree with that. Based on the figures of the parent company, we were still able to conclude an agreement with a trial period of three months and possible additional guarantees. In this way, we think along with our sales colleagues in a commercial way on the credit service on a daily basis.”

Adecco & Graydon, a testimony to a success story

Offices and credit departments are fans of the Graydon Insights application

“We were already a customer of Graydon in the past, but since September 2020 we have been convinced by Graydon Insights. It really is a user-friendly platform, clear and a great asset for our people in the offices.”

“Apart from the financial information, Graydon Insights also offers us enormous advantages in the expansion of our customer portfolio. In addition to the necessary information and joint committees, the social balance in particular is an additional asset. This includes a section showing how many people a company employs on a temporary basis.”

“Graydon Insights offers just a little more than the traditional Graydon reports. It truly is a visual application. Thanks to simple colour codes, you immediately know which type of customer or prospect you are dealing with.”

“The list management tool allows me to list limits, scores, and so on at any time. All those clear tools ensure that we maintain an overview within the mass of information. And that we do not waste time searching for crucial information.”


Working proactively thanks to continuous monitoring

“The monitoring tool from Graydon Insights is really the icing on the cake. We receive daily messages about changes at our customers. This way we can respond proactively. For example, it currently gives us insight into the exact impact of the pandemic on our (potential) customers.”

“But it can also be a positive story, of course. When we receive notification of an improved credit limit, the sales manager can proactively approach the customer for increased collaboration.”

“When I was still in doubt about a provider, the Graydon team listened to my needs and quickly offered a tailor-made formula. The collaboration went smoothly and I felt really valued as a customer.”

Adecco in short

WORLDWIDE No. 1 in HR services.

THE ADECCO GROUP is home to several specialized brands.

MORE THAN 30,000 EMPLOYEES worldwide and 800 employees in the 130 Belgian offices unite talent with companies.

ADVANTAGES: an accessible branch network throughout Belgium combined with an international network, know-how in all sectors, from the bakery around the corner to large multinationals


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