Infographic Graydon - Hoe kunt u financiële stabiliteit bereiken in turbulente periodes?

How can you achieve financial stability in turbulent times?

Figures that you cannot ignore.

The corona pandemic not only has an enormous impact on public health, but also on the financial markets and the economy. Thanks to support measures, many companies remain afloat, but that does not mean that this will still be the case after the corona crisis. This creates an extremely uncertain and challenging period for many companies and entrepreneurs.

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The number of bankruptcies in Europe in 2020 was considerably lower than in previous years. On the other hand, the number of zombie companies, companies that - thanks to state aid - are artificially kept alive, rose sharply.

There was also more attempted fraud, more money is being laundered than ever and financial watchdogs handed out a record amount of fines. It is therefore very important to know who you are dealing with in order to avoid financial losses and reputation damage.

Check out the infographic and the numbers that show that the financial storm is raging:

  • The number of bankruptcies you can expect
  • The total value of attempted fraud
  • Amount that is laundered annually

And much more…

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