Graydon Cleansing & Enrichment

Most marketing and sales departments work with incomplete or outdated lists because employees do not enter all the data or cannot keep up with changes due to lack of time. And that is a shame, because a database that you do not maintain on a daily basis will deteriorate at least ten to thirty percent after a year.

Graydon Cleansing & Enrichment helps you to complete and further enrich your company database. This intelligent tool optimises your list by supplementing it with essential missing data or completely new elements. Fill your sales funnel with opportunities by using up-to-date and complete financial and company data.

A rich database

You make your address file so much "richer" by adding data to it. An address, a telephone number, an e-mail address, a financial score, the number of employees,… It allows you to divide customers and prospects into different categories and to approach them in a customised way.

A database that is permanently up-to-date is also a perfect basis for further analyses. You then have the correct data and know that you can rely on the conclusions.

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Graydon Market Information

Data gives you insight, knowledge and finally the power to develop powerful strategies and realise successful projects.

You need up-to-date market data to make correct connections and make informed decisions. Create a profile of your ideal customer, analyse your market and determine the growth potential. Choose healthy customers and leads who pay on time and have the growth potential to increase your sales and profitability.

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