Graydon Statement data quality - datakwaliteit

Statement about Graydon’s data quality

Together is better.

At the beginning of March, Creditsafe and Graydon joined forces, which only benefits our customers. Creditsafe's global coverage, combined with the local authority that is Graydon, enables us to serve the customer portfolio even better. With offices in 14 countries, Creditsafe's international data is a perfect addition to Graydon's local, high-quality database. So, the best of both worlds.

It is certain that we will evolve towards one common platform in the near future. Let it be clear that the quality, which Graydon has guaranteed for years, will remain unaffected. This quality has earned us the trust of customers and organisations in all corners of our economy. From freelancers and self-employed people, to SMEs and multinationals, to banks, governments and academia. It goes without saying that maintaining trust remains our top priority. Graydon's data will therefore be leading to feed the common platform, so that the quality of data and insights is guaranteed and so that you can make the right decisions.

Graydon & Creditsafe - together is better