River Mounts & Graydon, een succesverhaal

River Mounts

Using credit information in the jewellery industry to make important decisions and serve customers - fast.

Graydon at work

Tracey Cooper is a Credit Manager in the finance department at River Mounts, a jewellery manufacturing and wholesale retail company based in Birmingham, UK. She uses Graydon’s solutions to credit check new and existing customers.

Trust in the data

Tracey has been using Graydon for nearly three years out of the four years she has worked at River Mounts. She was previously a customer of Graydon at a previous company in the manufacturing industry.

“Graydon’s information is of utmost importance, especially in the present climate.”

“River Mounts used a different company initially to check credit, however, I found them to be lacking so I suggested Graydon. The information I get from Graydon is of utmost importance, especially in the present climate.”

Credit checks are key to decision making

Since the business was formed in 2005, River Mounts has become one of the biggest providers of diamond-set ring mounts in the UK, with a presence in Birmingham and London’s Hatton Garden. They have expanded with an office in Antwerp to cater for the Belgium market and neighbouring countries. 

Tracey relies on Graydon’s credit information solutions including credit check reports and monitoring tools to access data and estimate risks so she can decide if it’s safe to extend credit to business customers.  River Mounts’ customers range from customer-facing retailers, online stores and manufacturer artists who design but need help making designs into tangible items. The tools that Tracey uses ensure that the right decisions are made regarding which companies River Mounts is able to extend a line of credit to.

“The information I get from Graydon is up to date, easy to understand and immediate.”

“Graydon has helped significantly, as I know the information I get is up to date, easy to understand and the reports are immediate.”

Improving efficiency & collaboration

The credit check reports and monitoring tools from Graydon help Tracey and the team at River Mounts to pave the way for the sales team to engage more effectively with existing and prospective customers. It means that sales spend less time on wasted calls and journeys if client credit information is not in-line with the requirements at River Mounts.

“Graydon’s solutions have enabled Sales Executives to save considerable time and improve our overall efficiency.”

It’s now possible for the sales team to save time as Tracey has the information to advise how much credit River Mounts can provide the customer ahead of time. This essentially optimises the customer experience by speeding up the time taken to make decisions on how much credit can be provided.

Customer experience with Graydon

Tracey and the wider team at River Mounts are pleased not only with the reliable credit information services they receive, but also the personal touch offered by Graydon’s Customer Success team.

“The account handlers at Graydon are superb and customer service is excellent. Why would I go elsewhere?”

River Mounts in brief

One of the biggest providers of DIAMOND-SET RING MOUNTS in the UK

Operates MAINLY IN THE UK, with headquarters in Birmingham


Trade counters in the heart of LONDON's Hatton Garden jewellery district and ANTWERP

WEBSITE: River Mounts 

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