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PTS Ireland is an award-winning plumbing and heating merchant and is part of the Travis Perkins Group. Formerly known as Spendlove C Jebb, a family run business established in 1968, the business was acquired by leading UK plumbing and heating supplier, PTS, in 2006. PTS serves both trade customers including sole traders, heating and plumber contractors and construction companies as well as the general public through trade counters and showrooms.

PTS Ireland offer credit accounts to trade customers. Deborah Hegan is the Credit Control Team Leader at PTS Ireland and has been with the company for 15 years. She keeps a close eye on these accounts. she performs credit checks on new and existing customers by utilising Graydon’s credit information solutions.

“The fast and proficient service ensures we have the correct credit limits for each customer which is imperative for our business.”

International credit checks provide clarity

PTS Ireland, headquartered in Belfast, has seven branches throughout Northern Ireland and one in the Republic of Ireland, in Dublin. So they require a supplier that can undertake international business credit checks for credit account applications from the Republic of Ireland. Deborah and her team have used Graydon’s credit information solutions for over five years and she is highly satisfied with the credit reports and tools.

“Prior to partnering with Graydon, PTS, the UK branch used another credit reporting tool / supplier that was limited as it didn’t provide international credit reports which were a key requirement for the Ireland business.”

“Graydon were able to deliver international credit reports to serve the Irish market.”

Data that can be trusted

A solution like the Graydon’s Decision Model removes the complexity and time taken to individually assess customer credit reports. It allows Deborah to quickly understand the business risks involved in giving credit to the customer and she frequently goes with the assessment from the Decision Model.

“This speeds up internal process, as much of the decision-making process is automated. In some circumstances, a customer’s situation will be investigated further, and a more in-depth research carried out. Either to confirm the result of the decision model - or based on other elements - to manually overrule the result. For example, if they have an existing relationship with PTS or if they have been purchased by another company recently with differing credit behaviour.”

PTS Ireland & Graydon, a success story

Risk management

Sometimes new customers make an application for a credit account, but don’t meet the requirements.

“In those cases the sales team are responsible for letting the customer know that PTS cannot offer credit.We seek to give the best customer service so we work with our customers to offer them what we can, whilst managing the risk from giving a credit account.”

Monitoring keeps PTS Ireland abreast of any changes

Monitoring is an important part of the overall credit management process at PTS Ireland and is carried out with Graydon’s monitoring tool. Deborah relies on monitoring so that she is informed of any changes in a customer’s circumstances.

“Those changes could affect our credit risk score. Monitoring means we’re always up-to-date on the key developments in our customers’ businesses and can make credit limit adjustments where necessary.”

“The friendly and professional customer service I receive from Graydon makes them a great business to work with.”

And finally ...

“The best part of working with Graydon? The friendly and professional customer service I receive from Graydon makes them a great business to work with.”

PTS Ireland in brief

PTS offer over 20,000 LINES OF STOCK available for next day delivery

SHOWROOMS in Belfast and Enniskillen

Received a BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE award in 2016

Providing PLUMBING SERVICES AND PRODUCTS for over 50 years


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