Fleetmaxx Solutions & Graydon, a success story

Fleetmaxx Solutions

Personal service and accurate credit data for better business outcomes.

Fleetmaxx Solutions is an independent fuel card services provider working with most of the major fuel brands in the UK. They help companies reduce their running costs by discounting diesel, petrol, AdBlue, low saps engine oil, asset tracking, vehicle cameras, business mobile, landline, broadband and insurance solutions. The aim is to help customers save time, money and hassle.

Graydon at work

The fastest growing fuel company in Scotland

Fleetmaxx Solutions is part of Oilfast Limited, the fastest growing fuel company in Scotland. The company is backed by an established team who have a wealth of experience within the industry. Steve Kershaw, Head of Credit at Fleetmaxx Solutions, has been using Graydon for over nine years, both in his current and previous role (which was also in the fuel industry).

“We have a small credit department, but we have well over double digit years of experience in the fuel industry, aiming to maximise profit for the business whilst managing risk.”

Managing the credit risk lifecycle

“Graydon has a great reputation within the fuel industry and the credit recommendations, data and service, in my experience, are second to none compared to other credit reference agencies. Other agencies feel too automated and are not able to think outside the box when required. Graydon is personable, instant and realistic, giving me the confidence and trust I need to deliver for our business.”

Steve not only uses Graydon for customer onboarding and to assess how much credit can be given to the customer, but also for many different elements within the ongoing cycle of credit risk.

“Graydon is relied on for keeping accounts up to date, ensuring the credit department is both proactive and reactive to situations as and when required.”

“We are proud of the service we provide to our customers and strongly believe we get the same back from Graydon.”

Solving complex challenges at Fleetmaxx Solutions

At Fleetmaxx Solutions, every working day brings up new challenges and questions in the credit department, especially during challenging economic periods.

“Graydon can help if an instant decision is required to increase a credit score. It can also help with monitoring a company’s ongoing lifecycle with regular updates of events affecting credit scores.

“Graydon are always there for us, be it via email or direct numbers to either our Account Manager, Risk Department or General Customer Services. The personal touch and speed of responses that we receive from Graydon ensures that we can deliver a superior service to shareholders.”

Excellent foundations help with success

Within the credit department at Fleetmaxx Solutions, it’s important to be organised and have excellent foundations in order to succeed. Graydon plays a key role in this, helping Steve’s team to get the basics right and ensuring correct procedures and efficient processes within the team.

“When performing a credit check, it’s key to get an answer within seconds. The credit scores given are normally realistic. However, if you feel you want a second look then this can be done, and a result advised within a day or two, if required. This is great in setting expectations and service level agreements both internally and externally. The efficiency and speed of Graydon credit recommendations is a vital tool that helps us with our exceptional delivery to customers.”

Fleetmaxx Solutions & Graydon, a success story

Guaranteeing excellence

With the credit recommendations given and the key relevant data provided, Fleetmaxx Solutions can make the right credit decisions proficiently. This in turns means their customers are given the excellent service that they seek to provide.

Although now a large, successful organisation, Oilfast and Fleetmaxx Solutions are still a family-owned business, built on respecting its customers and staff.

“We are proud of the service we provide to our customers and believe we get the same back from Graydon. We will always look to seek further improvements; utilising the tools and recommendations from Graydon gives us trust both with external and internal stakeholders, ensuring we can build on our continual growth.”

Fleetmaxx Solutions in brief

Fully owned SUBSIDIARY OF OILFAST Ltd, helping over 50,000 customers.

SPECIALISES in fuel cards, business insurance, communication, vehicle tracking and camera solutions.

Fleetmaxx manufacture ADBLUE®,  cut out the middleman, and offer it to customers at very special rates.

HEAD OFFICE in Motherwell, Scotland.

WEBSITE Fleetmaxx Solutions | Oilfast

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