Ennatuurlijk en Graydon, een succesverhaal


Essential information at a glance: Graydon by Ennatuurlijk.

Graydon at work

Agga Frenken, Senior Debt Collection Officer in Ennatuurlijk's debt collection department, tells you about the added value of first-class credit reporting and monitoring in the world of renewable energy. Discover how Ennatuurlijk contributes to a climate-neutral Netherlands, by bringing sustainable heat and cold literally close by.

The diversity of collection for an energy supplier

Agga has been working in the debt collection department since Ennatuurlijk was founded in 2014. He is responsible for the various processes and applications, cooperation with external partners and the operational support of the department.

“The monitoring of private consumers and the business market naturally requires a different approach. For private individuals, we work together with external partners such as call centers and a field service. Business customers get the attention of our own debtor managers. That is also where Graydon helps us.”

The importance of credit checks in daily practice

Ennatuurlijk links generators and receivers of sustainable energy at various levels: private, business and government. Credit checks are therefore necessary to guarantee reliability and continuity.

“On the one hand, the collaboration with Graydon gives us insight into the financial background of our potential customers. Based on this, we can give advice from collection to our colleagues in the sales department.”

“On the other hand, we also want to stay informed of any changes at our customers. We interpret the signals that we receive ourselves, such as the payment behaviour of customers, our contact with them and market developments. But Graydon is an excellent addition to thoroughly map the situation.”

“Graydon is a good sparring partner to develop our department.”

The benefits of monitoring for Ennatuurlijk

“We already worked with Graydon before the foundation of Ennatuurlijk - we originated from Essent. It was indisputable that we continued together because we were already convinced of the quality and possibilities of Graydon in the field of credit management.”

“We have only just started using the monitoring tool, but the benefits are clear. We are kept informed in real time about changes at customers and the state of their annual figures. I do not rule out that we will use other Graydon services in the future, such as their decision-making model on creditworthiness.”

"The reports provide us with vital information and time, because we don't have to collect or analyse anything ourselves."

“Should Graydon drop out tomorrow, we will immediately miss some essential information. Their reports, in which you get a striking picture of the financial situation of a (potential) customer at a glance, have become indispensable.”

Ennatuurlijk in brief

DELIVERS HEAT to more than 85,000 families and 1,200 companies throughout the Netherlands.

LINKS sustainable energy solutions to local receivers

Ennatuurlijk has been supplying HEAT and COLD in various sustainable ways throughout the Netherlands since 2014

ADVANTAGES: Provides comfortable, affordable, user-friendly and easy to understand heating and cooling solutions to consumers and business customers

WEBSITE: Ennatuurlijk

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