Drukkerij Bietlot en Graydon, een succesverhaal

Bietlot Printing House

"Graydon fulfills our security needs and supports us in developing a company sustainably."

Graydon at work

Bietlot is an industrial printing company based in Gilly (Charleroi), Belgium. It specialises in printing large quantities of brochures and catalogues. It serves renowned clients in a wide variety of business sectors. To find out more about the Bietlot printing company and the collaboration with Graydon, we spoke with the managing director Éric Guillaume.

One company: end-to-end, all-inclusive

Bietlot takes care of all phases of the production process that is involved in printing. From printing to delivery, including all phases of preparation and finishing. All operations are centralised at the company's headquarters to ensure maximum flexibility and to minimise risks. In particular, Bietlot can count on a specialised workforce of 45 permanent employees.

Drukkerij Bietlot en Graydon, een succesverhaal

Undisputed expertise in a highly competitive environment

“Our printing company has been around since the 1950s. It was then managed by the founders, the Bietlot brothers. After a management buy-out at the end of 2000, three of the directors, including myself, decided to take up the challenge and take over the company.”

One of the company's main clients is the Publications Office of the European Union, with which it has concluded a historic contract. But the renowned printing company operates in a competitive sector and has a very diverse client base. Small and medium-sized companies rely on Bietlot printing for all types of publications.

"Graydon was the benchmark and we still think it is."

In 1999, Bietlot teamed up with Graydon for the credit management and financial analysis of its potential customers. "Graydon seemed obvious to us. It was the benchmark in Belgium and thanks to the quality of the available data and information it still is."

2020, the year of all doubts

“Unfortunately, the health crisis and the resulting measures have had a major impact on our industry. In such a context, it is difficult to plan ahead and invest as much as we initially wanted."

The company saw its turnover drop due to the cancellation of events such as the Motor Show, Batibouw and also the Holiday Fair, all of which it can count among its customers.

"The information from Graydon is a real added value for our company."

“More than ever, safeguarding the solvency of our customers is a matter of survival. Graydon helped us with this early on, with the influx of new customers and during our further development. To this day, we trust Graydon for the management of our debtors. An alarm system enables us to intervene immediately if, for example, a customer gets into trouble. The information from Graydon is therefore a real added value for our company.”

Drukkerij Bietlot en Graydon, een succesverhaal

Bietlot in brief

LEADER in Wallonia, Belgium, in commercial printing

PRINTING from preparation to finishing

PHILOSOPHY structured around the human factor and technical equipment

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is part of Bietlot's corporate culture

WEBSITE: https://www.bietlot.be/ 

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