Market Outlook Paper Graydon - Next level credit management with data-driven insights

Next level credit management with data-driven insights

How does efficiently used business information contribute to a solid and growing company?

75% of credit management professionals indicate that they do not use specific credit management software to collect and/or manage data and convert it into new business insights. And yet, such solutions offer so many opportunities for companies to make informed business decisions. Credit management has become even more important in today's economy. And we are not talking about standard credit reports, because there is much more to credit management.

It's time to take credit management to the next level through data-driven insights. Whatever part of an organisation you are in, data is indispensable. Companies that use data in the right way are the future. You should choose a solution that stands for quality. Then, you can be sure that the data is accurate, up to date and real-time.

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In this Market Outlook Paper, you will read more about:

  • Which data-driven insights to base your policy on
  • The importance of working with correct data
  • In-depth information that tells you more about a company than just its creditworthiness
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