Market Outlook Paper Graydon - Do more with less

Do more with less

Mastering turbulence with efficiency strokes.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, only a limited number of companies have gone bankrupt. Governments have tried to keep companies afloat as much as possible with the help of support measures, but major blows to the business community cannot be avoided. The question is how this will evolve further, but there is no concrete answer to that yet.

The government will soon stop its support measures. A lot of companies, including undoubtedly a number of your suppliers and partners, may then run into problems. How do you deal with this proactively? You can cut the expenditure side to set up your organisation as cost-efficiently as possible. But you can’t neglect any legal, regulatory or compliance obligations. After all, regulators do not take pandemics into account. But you can also consolidate and automate on the customer side. You should at least try to keep the customers you have.

It is therefore very important to keep a close eye on your customer portfolio. After all, can your customer still meet their payment obligations if the government ends its support?

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In this Market Outlook Paper you can read what you can do yourself:

  • By keeping an eye on your costs on the expenditure side
  • By removing as many obstacles as possible on the customer side
  • By automating and fully committing to data-driven business
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