Case study: Graydon & Germains Seed Technology

Credit solutions for Germains Seed Technology

Case study

Germains Seed Technology wanted to take their service to the next level. Automating customer acceptance turned out to be vital.

Manual actions and searches are time consuming and slow down the customer acceptance process. An organisation can only grow if it has fast and uniform insight into the financial situation of potential and existing customers. Germains Seed Technology therefore had to look for automated solutions to make better credit decisions in shorter time frames.

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The organisation wanted to optimise client acceptance without compromising on safety or compliance. Germains Seed Technology opted for Graydon and now uses automated customer checks, credit checks and monitoring. Not only with new customers, but also to keep an eye on their existing customer base.

In this case study, learn more about Germains Seeds Technology's approach and discover:

  • Which credit solutions the company uses
  • Why periodic customer checks are important
  • How automation leads to optimisation
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