Graydon Market Data

Focus only on the right companies and prospects.

Today, data is essential to make the right business decisions. If you do not have correct data, you will miss out on income. With Graydon Market Data you can quickly and easily find financially healthy companies within your target group.

Make your selections directly in our up-to-date database with all Dutch companies, self-employed persons and associations. Choose the industries and size of companies that match your target audience. Finally, define the geographic area you want to reach. The system immediately calculates how many companies meet your selection. Too many or too few? You can easily adjust your selection with a few mouse clicks. Download the up-to-date database and immediately share it with your sales and marketing teams.

Graydon Market Data shows the financial health of the selected companies based on unique scores. Make your costly marketing and sales efforts pay off by targeting healthy and creditworthy prospects that deliver maximum ROI. Your total selection may be smaller if you exclude weak organisations, but the quality and conversion will be many times higher.

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Graydon Market Information

Data gives you insight, knowledge and finally the power to develop powerful strategies and realise successful projects.

You need up-to-date market data to make correct connections and make informed decisions. Create a profile of your ideal customer, analyse your market and determine the growth potential. Choose healthy customers and leads who pay on time and have the growth potential to increase your sales and profitability.

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