Graydon Detect & Onboarding

Graydon Detect & Onboarding

For a smooth and automated acceptance process.

The onboarding process focuses on the acceptance and welcoming of new customers. It is the first step in a successful collaboration. This process already starts with the assessment of new potential customers. Is the creditworthiness of this party sufficient to make payments on time? How likely are you to be dealing with a fraudulent party? And does this party act compliant?

The user-friendly Graydon Detect & Onboarding (GDO) platform enables you to combine these three elements as well as data from external suppliers in one tool, with a single API connection. You determine the different routes yourself, although you can of course count on our support for this. Subsequently, the entire onboarding process is automated.

Higher customer satisfaction

So you no longer have to worry about switching between different IT systems. The time-consuming manual checking of new potential customers - for creditworthiness, fraud or other risks - is also eliminated. This results in fast and smooth onboarding, which also benefits customer satisfaction.

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Your benefits

  • Design your entire 'Know Your Customer' flow through a user-friendly platform. You can create, view or edit tracks and scorecards at any time.
  • Decide for yourself in which cases you still want to perform a manual check.
  • Reduce IT integration time as well as the entire onboarding process, so you can serve your customers with a speed and efficiency that was previously impossible.
  • Take on new customers faster and get new sales faster. This speed also leads to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Combine credit, risk and fraud modules as desired, and optionally add data from external parties. This way you immediately have a better fraud assessment and a good risk assessment.
  • Integrate onboarding processes across multiple teams, locations and data sources to easily achieve a uniform approach within your company.