Graydon Decision Model

Graydon Decision Model

For a uniform assessment of all your business relations.

Until now, it has always been a select group of experts who analysed and interpreted the business data and credit reports of customers and prospects. Based on that data, they then decided to accept businesses (under certain conditions) or to reject them. And yet, that evaluation was not always done in the same way. That is because manual assessments depend on the knowledge and perspective of the individual. With the Graydon Decision Model, subjective interpretation is now truly a thing of the past.

Based a number of parameters, the Graydon Decision Model translates your acceptance policy into business rules. The immediate result is a decision proposal based on the scores that you have personally recorded. You can assign different decision models based on sector, business type or your risk appetite. This way, you create a personalised acceptance process and can avoid subjective, time-consuming data assessments.

Furthermore, you are no longer dependent on a handful of specialists, instead allowing anyone in your business to evaluate every business relation in the same way. This way you are also pushing the acceptance process further forward into the sales process.

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Quick and efficient acceptance policy

Today, every customer who wants to place an order expects to be served as quickly as possible. It is no longer acceptable to spend hours (or even days) on accepting a customer. Deciding quickly and efficiently on a new application is part of the onboarding process. The Graydon Decision Model takes over that task, while taking all kinds of parameters into account. On top of that, leaving a positive first impression is the first step to turn your customer into a satisfied customer.

Continuous optimisation

Your archives register every check you perform automatically. This way you can measure and adjust your acceptance process very accurately, so that you can safely accept as many customers as possible. Something that is simply not possible when working manually, based on complete business reports. By testing and adjusting models regularly, you are continuously optimising your acceptance process. Faster and more flexible than any manual policy.

In short, with the Graydon Decision Model:

  • you are no longer dependent on a select group of experts
  • everyone in your business makes decisions in a uniform way
  • you build a personalised acceptance process, that is easy to evaluate and adjust

Internal and external experts have thoroughly considered the decision model. In addition, it has been comprehensively tested by independent third-parties. The feedback and ideas that yielded has been taken on board in the development phase, so that the Graydon Decision Model fulfils the needs of its users as best it can.

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Decision models open a new era in customer acceptance

In times where increasing numbers of data sources can be tapped, companies are eagerly jumping on the bandwagon to improve their efficiency in all areas. This in turn explains the success of big data, business intelligence and decision models, which are now making an appearance in the area of customer acceptance.