Graydon Customer Acceptance Analysis

Graydon Customer Acceptance Analysis

The road to an optimal acceptance policy.

If your customer acceptance policy is automated  then you have thought about the parameters that you include in the decision. Nonetheless it is advisable to look back at these settings from time to time. Small changes can improve your underwriting policy. With the Graydon Customer Acceptance Analysis you identify the adjustments that are necessary to optimise your policy.

How does the analysis work?

You accept or reject your customers based on pre-set parameters. The outcome of each check is a decision proposal based on variables that you have personally set: your business relationship is rejected, accepted under certain conditions or accepted without conditions. This makes your acceptance process fast and transparent.

Yet you can never be sure whether you have set the parameters ideally. Have you refused customers who appear to have an excellent (financial) status? Or have you accepted customers who have not complied with their payment obligations? With the Graydon Customer Acceptance Analysis, you check decisions from the past with the knowledge of today. You can use this to evaluate your own acceptance model and optimise it for the future.

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